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FS 100-250 GB Hard Drive

Weighing less than one pound and only 1.5 inches thick, the Focus FS-100 Portable DTE Recorder brings Direct To Edit® recording technology to your Panasonic P2 camera. Featuring cost effective storage, native QuickTime support and other DTE capabilities that you have come to rely on, the Focus FS-100 is designed to help you excel in the field.

Featuring a comprehensive backlit display, an easy-to-use menu system, a built-in hard drive, and a removable, rechargeable battery, the Focus FS-100 is the perfect DTE companion for the Panasonic camcorder. Audio, video, timecode, and control information is passed through a single FireWire cable, allowing you to record directly the the FS-100's internal hard disk. The FS-100 includes a six- or ten-second electronic shock cache to ensure that you never lose footage. Advanced features such as time lapse, retro disk recording, scene marking, and clip categorization make the FS-100 Portable DTE Recorder the perfect companion for handheld shoots. When recording is complete, your footage is ready to edit instantly—no capturing, file transfer, or file conversion is required.

The new FS-100 250GB model offers over 11 hours of recording in 720p24PN mode, 9 hours in 720p25/30PN mode or 4.5 hours in full frame rate 720p/1080i DVCPRO HD mode, setting a new standard for long recording.

The ultra-long continuous record times are now even more economically viable, as our FS-100 250GB offers a stellar 4.5 hours of continuous recording duration at the full DVCPRO HD 100Mbps/60frame data rate. At a recording cost of $11/GB, the FS-100 250GB offers incomparable capacity-to-cost advantage to Panasonic DVCPRO HD P2 camera owners on long format shoots with the added value of supporting both P2 or QuickTime formats for drag-and-drop Final Cut Pro compatibility.

Focus FS-100 Portable DTE Recorder is available in two configurations—160GB or 250GB. Simply choose the one that meets your recording capacity needs.

Recording Time
10.4 hours
18 hours
10.4 hours
18 hours
5.2 hours
9 hours
2.6 hours
4.5 hours
DVCPRO HD 720p 24N (Native and VFR)
6.5 hours
11.25 hours
DVCPRO HD 720p 25N/30N (Native and VFR)
5.2 hours
9 hours
DVCPRO HD Recording Mode
QuickTime; QuickTime Reference
QuickTime 720p 24N/25N/30N (Native)*; QuickTime PN Reference
DVCPRO 50 Recording Mode
DV/DVCPRO Recording Mode
AVI Type 1, Type 2, and Type 2 24p
Avid OMF
Canopus AVI
Matrox AVI
Pinnacle AVI
QuickTime 24p
* Model dependent. 60Hz model: 720p 24N/30N; 50Hz model: 720p 25N

Native Frame-Rate Recording
The FS-100 enables you to record DVCPRO HD at 720p 24/25/30 in P2 or QuickTime file formats at native frame rates. Only the required frames are recorded. This feature not only eliminates the need to remove pulldown or duplicate frames during ingest, but also enables you to record twice as much DVCPRO HD video to disk. The FS-100 also supports variable frame rate (VFR) recording for spectacular slow-motion and fast-motion effects. VFR files are imported directly into your NLE system’s timeline—no conversion is required.

QuickTime Reference Movies
The FS-100 uses the FAT32 disk format, allowing up to 2GB of recorded video per clip. While recording, the FS-100 automatically creates a new clip when the 2GB limit is reached, ensuring that no frames are dropped. Depending on the length of your recording, you may have multiple 2GB clips.

After your recording is complete, you can go to the FS-100 Utilities menu and create a *QuickTime reference movie. This movie acts as a pointer, referencing your multiple clips to form one movie. This feature makes clip management more efficient, especially when editing—your NLE will import the reference movie as one clip. *Because the QuickTime reference movie points to your original 2GB clips, the clips and the reference movie should always be archived together.

NLE System Compatibility
Because the FS-100 is capable of recording video in a wide range of formats, it’s compatible with a large number of nonlinear editing systems. For example, you can record DVCPRO 50 or DVCPRO HD in native QuickTime mode and import clips directly into Final Cut Pro. See Details

Software Upgrade or Update for FS-100 Owners
FS-100 v4.0.0 Update/Upgrade
If you own an FS-100 that's running any version of the software prior to 4.0, you can add support for QuickTime Reference and variable frame rate recording by downloading either the 4.0 upgrade or an update (; posted 8.28.07).

Download v4.0 Update (for FS-100 owners who are running v3.0 or higher)
Download v4.0 Upgrade (for FS-100 owners who are running any version prior v3.0)

FS-100 v4.0.1 Update* (posted 10.10.08)
This version should only be downloaded if you already have the FS-100 v4.0 update installed on your recorder. This update will not work with FS-100 software versions previous to v4.0.
Download v4.0.1 Update


32 GB P2 Card

Price per GB $11 $50
Record Time
DVCPRO® 18 hours 128 minutes
DVCPRO 50 9 hours 64 minutes
DVCPRO HD® 4.5 hours 32 minutes
Hard Disk 250GB 32GB
QuickTime/FCP Workflow Compatibility
Endorsed by Panasonic



DV video I/O: 25, 50, or 100 Mb/s (1 x 6-pin IEEE-1394)
FireWire computer I/F: Up to 400 Mb/s (1 x 6-pin IEEE-1394)
GPI and RS-232C control (1 x 3.5mm minijack)

Audio DVCPRO HD input: Embedded 4-channel (48 kHz, 16-bit)
DVCPRO 50 input: Embedded 4-channel (48 kHz, 16-bit)
DV input: Embedded 2-channel (48 kHz, 16-bit) or 4-channel (32 kHz, 12-bit)
Note: 4-channel (12-bit, 32 kHz) audio is supported only in DTE Technology with RawDV file format

DVCPRO HD: 4:2:2, 8-bit, 6.7:1 compression, 100 Mb/s
60Hz models: 1080 60i (30P, 24P, 24PA) 50i (25P); 720 60i 24p/30; 720p 24/30; 720 24PN/30PN (PN mode also allows VFR support)
50Hz models: 1080 50i 25p; 720p 25; 720 25PN (PN mode also allows VFR support)

DVCPRO 50: 4:2:2, 8-bit, 3.3:1 compression, 50 Mb/s;
60Hz models: 480 60i 24p/24pA/30p
50Hz models: 576 50i 25p

DV/DVCPRO: 4:1:1 (4:2:0 for DV-PAL), 8-bit, 5:1 compression, 25 Mb/s
60Hz models: 480 60i 24p/24pA/30p
50Hz models: 576 50i 25p

Timecode Embedded timecode (drop or nondrop)
DTE File Formats DVCPRO HD: P2 MXF, P2 MXF PN, QuickTime, QuickTime PN, QuickTime Reference
DVCPRO 50: P2 MXF, QuickTime, QuickTime Reference
DV/DVCPRO: RawDV, AVI Type 1, AVI Type 2, AVI Type 2 24p, Matrox AVI, Canopus AVI, QuickTime, QuickTime 24p, QuickTime Reference, Avid OMF, Pinnacle AVI, P2 MXF

Internal Disk Type: 160GB, or 250GB; 8MB cache; 5400 RPM
Disk Format: FAT32; FS-100

OS Compatibility Windows 98SE, ME, 2000, XP; Mac OS 9, Mac OS X
Power Adapter 15V DC, 0.7A;
Minijack power connector
Custom removable Li-ion rechargeable High-capacity battery pack included (180 minutes estimated)
Dimensions 1.59" x 5.6" x 3.74" (40mm x 142mm x 95mm) (with normal
90-minute battery)
Weight 1 lb. (.45 kg)
Compliance CE, C-Tick, FCC, and RoHS
Warranty 2 years from Focus Enhancements
Accessories Included High-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery (180 minutes); cradle; 4-pin right-angle FireWire cable
Optional Accessories Standard-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery (90 minutes)
high-capacity Li-ion rechargeable battery (180 minutes)
external battery charger
wired remote control unit
serial control cable ability
Camera mount kit

FS 100-250 GB Hard Drive FS 100-250 GB Hard Drive$1,889.95