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Item#: PMD501

Product Description
The Marantz PMD510 dual-well cassette deck created specifically for professional applications delivers best recording and playback for use by recording studios DJs corporate installations and even the home consumer. Each of the two wells is a completely autonomous cassette deck - you can record on one while simultaneously playing a tape on the other - and has its own discrete set of inputs and outputs delivery controls bar graph meters analog time counters Dolby BC selectors and transportation buttons. In addition the two wells can work together to record from a single input or the user can connect various PMD510 decks together to create long sustained recording and playback. Recording studios and mastering quicknesses will prize the enhanced sound quality of the PMD510 in addition to the space saved by storing two decks in a single anatomy. DJs can play one deck at a unique delivery while hearing to the other on headphones then clue the second at a different delivery for imaginative blending. New voltage professional users include churches - the deck can play ground music alongside alive songs and tools on one well while recording the results on the second - or dancing studios which can take advantage of the freestanding delivery control to slow down or speed up music. The PMD510 is flexible enough to mix into almost any system. Other features include typical and fast dubbing autoreverse quick music lookup synchro-start recording and an automatic tape type selector. The unit offers a 14-inch headphone jack and is compatible with both invisible wireless and wired remote controls. What is in the Box Pmd510 cassette deck stereo Rca connecting cable AC power cord and user is manual. The Marantz Professional PMD510 is one of the most large and flexible dual well cassette decks specifically created for professional applications. Each of the two wells is a completely unconditional cassette deck concurrent playback on well A patch recording on well B or vice versa with their own crystalline set of stereo inputs and outputs delivery control stereo bargraph meters analog time counter Dolby BCHX Pro selector and large transportation buttons. In addition to autonomous operation the two wells can work together to record from one input. An propagation remote port allows the connection of respective PMD510s for long condition sustained recording and playback. All autoreverse well-switching and shower operations are optically feeling for nominal audio red in endless record and play modes. The PMD510 also features a headphone output that is switchable between well A well B or both. The remote port is compatible with Marantz RC-5 AMX and Crestron control systems. The one-piece 3U rackmount flesh provides intense stability and a professional appearance for the two fully autonomous wells. Features Discrete Pitch Controls -15. Memory Rewind. Multiple Stereo LED Peak Meters. Quick Music Search. Average and High Speed Dubbing. Synchronized Start Ability. MPX FM Filter. Automatic Tape Type Selector. Discrete Record Level Controls. Recessed Record Balance Controls. Optional Balanced XLR Kit XLR51OPMD.