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Item#: SHURE-WL51

Product Description
The Shure WL51 is a miniature unidirectional (cardioid) lavalier microphone with a sensitivity and frequency response suitable for professional video and sound reinforcement applications. The cardioid polar pattern effectively eliminates signal at the off-axis sections of the microphone capsule, reducing feedback and noise. The wide frequency response of 20Hz to 20kHz results in a full, clear natural reproduction of speech. The microphone is attached to a 5 foot cable which terminates to a TA4-female connection for complete integration with compatible Shure wireless microphone transmitters.

Subminiature Profile The capsule measures only 5.8mm in diameter making it unobtrusive and easy to conceal during video, broadcast, stage and sound reinforcement applications. Cardioid Polar Pattern The cardioid polar pattern effectively minimizes noise and ambiance at the off-axis sections of the capsule, reducing noise and feedback. Full Signal Reproduction A wide frequency response and high SPL rating results in full, clear audio reproduction for speech. TA4-Female Connection The hardwired 10 foot cable terminates to a TA4-female connection, compatible with Shure wireless microphone transmitters.